Jubilee Life Insurance, Pakistan’s largest private insurance provider, has entered in an agreement with Ozoned Digital to innovate their digital customer experience. With this partnership, Jubilee Life Insurance will introduce multiple digital interfaces to service their customers.

The overall experience will be enhanced by allowing customers to undertake all their insurance requirements through a single interface.

This partnership is in line with Jubilee Life’s objectives of providing ease of access and convenience to customers through a one stop solution, enabled by digitization.

In 2019-20, the number of internet users in Pakistan increased by 11 million, thus creating further need for enhancing the digital eco-system already functioning across industries, especially the service industry.

“Pakistan’s internet penetration is 35%, with annual growth in internet users being calculated at 17%. The rate at which Pakistan is digitizing has been phenomenal and this growth is expected to continue as people have witnessed the convenience it brings to their daily lives.

Digital technologies are transforming how insurance companies engage with customers and Jubilee Life intends to lead this change of enhancing customer relationships through mass scale digitization.” stated Mr. Javed Ahmed, MD and CEO, Jubilee Insurance Company Limited.