The Patron-in-Chief of Swiss Business Council (SBC) – Partner of Switzerland Global Enterprise & Embassy of Switzerland in Pakistan & Swiss-Asian Chamber of Commerce cordially invite you to a webinar to get 1st-hand information on #Swiss companies doing business in Pakistan.
#Pakistan, home to over 220m people, is one of the larger economies in #Asia. As the country continues to develop, an additional 2.1m middle-income households are expected by 2025. By all accounts, Pakistan is an underdeveloped market with a large potential for Swiss companies.
#Switzerland ranks amongst the top investors while exports are still low. A number of bilateral agreements (i.e. investment protection, double taxation, exchange on tax information) should enable the right framework to do business. Yet Pakistan suffers from a reputation of political instability & violence.
So how to do business in the country? What does it take to succeed and where are the pitfalls? And where are the future business opportunities? Join us and learn 1st-hand from Swiss and Pakistani experiences!

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