Message from the President

President MessageAfter a year long effort, by Swiss Business interests in Pakistan and Switzerland, we launched on May 05, 2008 'The Swiss Business Council of Pakistan' (SBC)to link the business sectors of these two great countries in the best interest of the people of both countries. Soon thereafter, SBC signed an agreement with the 'Swiss - Asian Chamber of Commerce ( SACC) Zurich'.

This is the first time that Pakistan has been officially represented in a Chamber of Commerce in Switzerland.

SACC serves almost all Swiss firms, institutions, government bodies and individuals interested in enhancing economic relations with Switzerland and its 12 member countries including Indonesia, South Korea, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam etc. Pakistan is now an important part of this great business union.

SBC and SACC’s joint presence in the World Economic Forum at Davos in January 2009 and SBC presentation to 32 leading businessmen of Switzerland at Zurich in November 2008, at an event organized by SACC, are two major events which have brought the two organizations together. We aim to build on this relationship, to improve the perception of Pakistan, to invoke FDI and to enhance business opportunities between the two countries.

SBC is now operating from its own spacious office located in Clifton, Karachi. We aim to set- up facilities for business facilitation, economic research and general information. The Newsletter shall be issued on a quarterly basis, whereas, our website is expected to be operative soon and shall be linked to SACC, Zurich which shall onwards be linked to other Asian countries under the span of SACC.

I thank all our members, the Swiss Embassy in Islamabad, the Swiss Consulate in Karachi, SACC, Zurich and specially Mr. Martin Bienz for the successful take - off of SBC.

Farhat Ali, President.


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