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  • Swiss National Day was a grand event
    Aug 11, 2015

    IMPRESSIVE—a small word— but if read together with “joyous and grand” it does assumes special meaning. Yes sir, that was it. The 724th National Day of the Swiss Confederation, as week-end celebration, was a special evening, not only for the Swiss Consul General Emil Wyss or his lovely wife Arie, but also for those present to share its joy with their tremendously hospitable hosts.

    These are not empty words. They do carry a lot of weight, but its importance could only be gauged properly, if you were there to understand its dimensions. It assumed that significance in terms, real and genuine, because not only Emil or his Indonesian wife, but the entire staff of the consulate, including commercial secretary Jordan Din, CG’s secretary Sophia, and Kimberley, all spent hours together, three days and three nights, to make it such a success.
    The Swiss are themselves very hospitable people, love to entertain their guests, try and make them happy as far as possible. Those lucky to be in Switzerland, and there must be quite a large number of them in Pakistan, know that well.

    In this particular case, however, the event was celebrated by a diplomat, who possesses unique characteristics of being a humane and naturalist at the same time. Emil loves nature, as well as adventure. He visits orphanages, blood donation centres in congested areas, where others fear to be there for security or comfort reasons. The couple also loves to have handicapped cricketers and poor children at their office-cum-residence premises. This is something rare and we are lucky to have such a person in our midst who possesses multidimensional qualities.

    A special stage was set for a group of young and ordinary people to sing the national anthems of Switzerland and Pakistan. A young girl, hardly 10 or 11,, waived paper flags of the two countries as their national anthems were sung live before a galaxy of guests.

    The consul general made brief remarks, avoided long speech and what really was a great attraction for those invited to the ceremony, was few young children, attired in their folk dresses, something, which many European States, Holland, Belgium, Germany, France, like Switzerland, are proud of. That is their heritage and speaks volumes of their centuries-old history and culture. We in Pakistan, India, Bangla Desh, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, China and Japan, as Asians,too like to proudly present it before the world. Heritage is history, and history needs to be jealously guarded.

    Among the guests were consul generals of USA, China, Indonesia, Thailand, the acting consul general of UK, Turkey Brian Heath, Ma You, Hadi Santoso, Gill Atkinson (the deputy high commissioner John Trucknott is on home leave now), Onart, and quite a large number of business, and intellectual elite. French and Russian consul generals Francoise and Oleg Avdeev are too on home leaves. Their representatives were their too.

    The passage to Marquee at the local hotel, was lined with Swiss slogans, and commercial pan flexes of Swiss firms, engaged in building Pakistan economy. But all this was brain child of Emil who takes pride in projecting his country to Pakistanis, and projecting Pakistan to Swiss confederation. Well done Emil. You, and Arie need to be congratulated for hosting a memorableand delightful evening.

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  • Energy Conservation in Pakistan
    Jul 25, 2015

  • Pakistan, Switzerland enjoying strong bilateral relationship
    Jul 02, 2015

    KARACHI: “Pakistan and Switzerland enjoying strong cordial and friendly bilateral relationship and these ties are strengthening with the passage of time. In bilateral tourism new opportunities beneficial for both countries are yet to be explored. Many Swiss companies are successfully operating in Pakistan which showed excellent economic and commercial cooperation between two countries. Pakistan is a dynamic country of prudent and talented people. The country having a diversified economy has a great potential for progress and prosperity.”

    This was stated by Emil Wyss, Consul General of Switzerland in a meeting held with delegation of TAAP at Swiss Consulate General at Karachi. Emil Wyss, Consul General of Switzerland while exchanging views with delegation of TAAP led by its Chairman Hanif Rinch appreciated the role of Travel Agents’ Association of Pakistan in promotion of aviation, travel and tourism activities in Pakistan and abroad.

    He articulated that to cherish cordial bilateral relations between Pakistan and Switzerland which were established in 1949, the Swiss Consulate General in collaboration with Pak-Swiss Business Council has organised Pakistan-Switzerland Friendship Exhibition at Jinnah International Airport Karachi from May 29 for 100 days.

    Pak-Swiss Friendship Exhibition aims at to celebrate the long, friendly bilateral relations between two countries, to promote positive image of Pakistan and to attract more foreign investment to the country.

    He also sought TAAP’s cooperation to promote the exhibition and its objectives. He further assured TAAP his highest consideration and cooperation to explore travel and tourism opportunities between two countries.

    Earlier, TAAP’s delegation headed by its Chairman Hanif Rinch accompanied by Yahya Polani, Chairman FPCCI Aviation Committee and former chairman TAAP, Nadeem Sharif, Chairman FPCCI Hajj and Umrah Committee and former chairman TAAP, Amin Wali Muhammad, Senior Vice Chairman FPCCI Foreign Affairs Committee, Syed Javaid Hassan, Senior Vice Chairman FPCCI Travel and Tourism Committee, Khadim Rasool, Secretary General TAAP visited Swiss Consulate on the invitation of Consul General to discuss the matters of mutual interest. Sharing views at this juncture, Chairman TAAP Hanif Rinch highlighted that immense opportunities of bilateral travel and tourism do exist which can easily be explored with exchange of delegation of stakeholders of tourism in both countries. Commercial and economic cooperation between two countries is outstanding, however, travel and tourism sector requires deserving attention from both sides.

    Swiss products/brands, well known for their quality and performance, are popular in Pakistan. TAAP delegates lauded the Swiss Consul General for his optimistic views about Pakistan and its citizens. TAAP renewed the Swiss Consul General its assurances to support and promote Pakistan Switzerland Friendship Exhibition and its collaboration for such events in future.
    They said that TAAP is steadfast to portray real and soft image of Pakistan in the eyes of countries worldwide and enterprising to explore new bilateral travel and tourism opportunities between Pakistan and friendly countries. TAAP is willing to join hands with its Swiss counterpart to explore tourism opportunities, business matchmaking, and exchange business/commercial information and delegations. TAAP and business community of Pakistan have high regards for Switzerland and are looking forward to have more strong, vibrant bilateral economic and commercial relationship.—PR

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  • Of French and Swiss CGs, Thalassaemia Centre
    Jun 18, 2015

    DIPLOMATS world over are known for the hospitality, courtesies, etc; They are ambassadors of goodwill in the countries of their posting. However, there are diplomats who impress by their extraordinary behavior. In Karachi, Swiss, French and Russian heads of their diplomatic missions are rare examples. They are extremely courteous, and wonderful people, loved by their hosts for their compassion for humanity, for their presentations of their home countries case to the States of their posting.

    As I began to write my wanderers diary, I was reminded of the extraordinary courtesy shown by the Russian consul general Avedev Oleg, who on an important function, the Russian Day, sprang a pleasant surprise for his guests by cutting a cake to celebrate the birthday of the Editor of Pakistan Observer Faisal Zahid Malik on June 12. He organized a special cake to cut in presence of Faisal, Sindh Assembly speaker Agha Sirajuddin, and Sindh senior minister Nisar Khuhro to mark the occasion, Faisal wife seems exalted.

    All those present applauded and congratulated Faial Malik. It was rare honour for him and he ought to be happy. The Swiss consul general is Emil Wyss and his wife Arie, working as his right hand assistant, are too well known for their love for humanitarian work. They often play hosts to handicapped or poor children at the premises of their office-cum-residence in Clifton, or visits poor people, suffering from deprivation, depression and frustration. To say that Emil has presented Switzerland in a totally new image, would not be under-statement.

    This week they drove for the second time in less than four months to the congested Federal”B” are in Karachi’s central district to be at the modernized treatment centre for blood disorder diseases. The moving spirit behind the Afzal Memorial Thaleasmia Foundation hospital. Is Ateequr Rehman, who has dedicated his life to social work, and has been persistently endeavouring to help the poor and needy.

    Together with Zaki Ahmad, president of the Foundation, and Dr Asim , and under Ateequr Rehman guidance, they and a team of dedicated doctors and paramedics they have buld a most modern, well equipped treatment centre to serve the ailing humanity.

    The Swiss diplomat, who has set a new trend by devoting time to humanitarian causes for his co-professionals, and his wife spent time with the patients in tattered clothes, with infants in their laps. Dr Asim explained that some 900 children, suffering from blood disorders, and struggling for life, are now registered with the hospital of AMTF, daily almost 50 children from one year to the age of 16 or 17, benefit from facilities provided their in a bid to save their lives. This is a great humanitarian work, which other should emulate. Donations are the sole source of funding because treatment is done free of cost.

    Lastly, the French consul general Francoise Doll’Orso delivered a lecture this week on the French policy based on world peace, and on preserving the independence and sovereignty of the country. He disclosed that France becoming a nuclear power in the 50s, and being a founder permanent member of the UN security council, is committed to world peace. It follows independent foreign policy and helps the nations around the world maintain peace and ensure welfare of their people.

    France depends upto 70 percent for its energy needs on nuclear capability. A nation of around 70 million, France is a powerful economy, and a strong pillar of strength for the European Union, which is a rare example of peace and tranquility in the world. European nations with a long history of warfare, are now one, with their parliament, and currency, called Euro.

    He thought that Euro, though through a crisis will survive as Europe currency, and United Kingdom (UK) too will continue to be in EU. The French diplomat, speaking at the Foreign Affairs Forum organized by businessman Farooq Afzal, outlined the cardinal principals of his countries policies in considerable detail, emphasizing that it is a member of G-2, G=7 , and NATO.It was primarly an agricultural country with practically no natural resources, oil etc, and yet has built itself, into a strong economic power.

    It had a very good relationship with muslim world . About Pakistan, he said, its annual trade turn over was nearly 1 billion US dollars, which could improve with efforts from both sides. He asked the Pakistani entrepreneurs to search for building economic ties with Pakistan. He on his side will be too happy to extend any assistance needed to help achieve that goal. His host Faoroq Afzal emphasized the need for improving trade volume which he said was still below 1 billion dollars. He hoped that with desires from both sides, this will be done.

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  • CG of Switzerland in Karachi called on Managing Director PIA
    Jun 06, 2015

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