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  • Syngenta to support small, medium growers
    Jun 03, 2017

    KARACHI: Syngenta Pakistan, a premier crop protection company in Pakistan and the third largest seeds business, is at the fore front in supporting small and medium growers to take up modern ways of farming, with the primary objective of ensuring food security in the country.

    Ms. Tina Lawton Syngenta’s Head of Asia Pacific region made her first visit to Pakistan and toured Syngenta’s Research & Development facility near Lahore to review Syngenta’s operations and understand the Pakistan agriculture market and how to support its further development.

    She also met with Syngenta Franchisees and farmers to get insight on the market, whereby assuring them Syngenta’s commitment to Pakistan and upholding its long tradition of 50+ year presence in the country. She also discussed the modernization of the Naya Savera Franchise model with the use of latest pioneering technology.

    Ms. Lawton also mentioned Syngenta’s transition of new ownership to ChemChina will not affect its status as a Swiss company, as Syngenta will remain a Switzerland based company and will continue to focus on long-term investment through over $1.4 billion annual investment in Research & Development in Pakistan.

    Ms. Tina Lawton’s visit proved extremely fruitful and truly demonstrated the Syngenta’s commitment to improve the life of farmers. Syngenta is all geared up to transform the agriculture sector of Pakistan, making it a self-sufficient economy to meet its food requirements by bringing in new technology and products which will cater the needs of our ever-growing agriculture industry. —PR

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  • Online exporters’ directory launched
    Jun 03, 2017

    KARACHI: Trade Development Authority of Pakistan (TDAP) has developed its first online Pakistan Exporters’ Directory.

    The directory is now on stream and can be accessed both through TDAP’s website and direct search using the link

    TDAP officials said the directory provides an extensive online database of Pakistani exporters to assist foreign buyers in sourcing their requirements from Pakistan. Exporters’ data for the purpose has been extracted from Pakistan Customs record for the year 2016 to ensure authenticity and credibility.

    The Directory provides an elaborate search facility based on three key parameters that include HS Code, Product Category, and Company Name. Companies in the directory have been placed into large, medium, and small categories based on their annual export turnovers. This will facilitate foreign buyers and local companies in establishing mutually beneficial communications and linkages.

    The directory is also expected to promote export companies in Pakistan by making available relevant details regarding their products, export performances, and profiles to foreign buyers. This in turn would contribute to enhancing exports from Pakistan.

    Information in the directory will be regularly updated by the TDAP on the basis of annual export data for future years and inputs received from stakeholders.

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  • Joint efforts needed to enhance bilateral trade: Swiss envoy
    May 12, 2017

    Swiss Ambassador to Pakistan Marc P George has said that joint efforts are needed to boost bilateral trade volume between Switzerland and Pakistan. Addressing the members of Sialkot Chamber of Commerce and Industry (SCCI) on Thursday he said that Swiss-Pak businessmen should work for enhancing trade to further strengthen trade ties between the two countries. In order to increase the two-way trade volume Business Council had already been established for assisting and extending guidance to Pakistani business community how to enhance trade between the two countries he disclosed.

    He stressed upon the business community of Sialkot that they should visit Switzerland to introduce their products in Swiss markets and promote the industry of Sialkot which will help in enhancing the two-way trade between the two countries.

    The Ambassador was of the view that the visit of business community to Switzerland will enable them to exploit the business opportunities which also improve the image of Pakistan the land of opportunities. Green energy sector had bright future in Pakistan due to its rich mineral and natural resources and Pakistan could overcome its energy problem more easily he said. Swiss government will extend full support in imparting training to youngsters to improve technological progress in Pakistan he said.

    The Ambassador urged upon the business community of Sialkot to avail opportunities and focus attention on more trade with Switzerland which will be supportive in enhancing the two-way trade volume between the two countries. Earlier, Senior Vice President SCCI, Adnan Arshad Sethi in his welcome address said that total trade volume between two countries in 2015-16 was US $280 million with balance of trade favouring Switzerland. However there is a lot of potential to enhance the trade volume with better interaction of private sector.

    The visit of Swiss Ambassador will help in promoting better understanding and co-operation between Sialkot Chamber of Commerce and industry (SCCI) and Swiss Embassy and pave the way for enhancing trade, economic ties and co-operation in social sector he added.

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  • The allure of China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC)
    May 07, 2017

    As the CPEC project gains momentum, Switzerland expresses interest in the emerging avenues of economic cooperation with Pakistan.

    CPEC is the backbone of connectivity and economic development.

    CPEC has opened the doors to foreign investment in Pakistan, which will improve the local economy and peoples’ livelihood, said a recent report in Global Times online read.

    The China-Pakistan Economic Corridor — a project worth more than $57 billion — is not only attracting investors from Switzerland but also urging other European countries to be attentive.
    Swiss Business Council’s (SBC) Pakistan chapter has expressed keen interest in inviting European investors and tradesmen to consider potential of trading through the CPEC route — a cheaper and faster alternative. The Swiss mission in Pakistan and the leadership of Swiss Business Council have jointly taken this initiative with plans to soon hold a big conference in this regard.
    Recognising the importance of the subject, the Embassy of Switzerland in Pakistan and the SBC, recently, also organised a session for ‘Opportunities for the European Investors in CPEC’, attended by a mix of diplomats in Pakistan, and business leaders from the corporate and public sector.
    CPEC offers opportunities in infrastructure and energy projects in the 29 Special Economic Zones (SEZs) being set up all over Pakistan. These SEZs provide investment opportunities for industrial and commercial activities as well as supplies, contracting and services in power sector; sectors such as oil and gas, mines and minerals, large industry, small and medium industry, healthcare, education, banking, hospitality industry, engineering, consultancy and construction services.
    The SBC believes, at the outset, CPEC can be perceived to be ‘China-Pakistan centric’ but the vision and the overall concept rolled out by both countries is globalisation in action — opening-up Central and South East Asia with better connectivity and access to one of the world’s largest growing markets. The Silk Road Economic Belt and the 21st Century Maritime Silk Road focus on connectivity and cooperation extending from China and the rest of Eurasia. The coverage area of this initiative is Asia and Europe encompassing 60 countries inclusive of Oceania and East Africa.
    The anticipated cumulative investment is a staggering 4-8 trillion USD. Under this vision of globalisation, CPEC is the backbone of connectivity and economic development. The fast-changing political, social and economic dynamics in the region have encouraged Central Asian states, Eurasia and Europe to express their interest in the economic development in the region.
    Farhat Ali, President of SBS, talking to TNS, underlines that European companies put together make for the largest Foreign Direct Investment in Pakistan. They have historic social and business ties with Pakistan, and Asia at large where their impressive footprints in culture, social sector and business segments are visible and above all the great people-to-people contact over decades.
    “For mutual benefits, there is a need for them to capitalise on their strong credentials in these times of changing economic, social and political dynamics in Central and South Asian Region where Pakistan is geographically and strategically well-positioned,” he states.
    “There are opportunities for European investors in energy, oil and gas as well as in construction, pharmaceutical and other sectors,” Ali says, adding, “All fields are open for European investors. He said that CPEC would prepare Pakistan for economic betterment and despite security concerns, foreign investors, especially from European countries, are ready to invest in CPEC.
    “It is a positive development that foreign investors are once again looking at Pakistan with interest. Noticing the changing trend, Swiss Business Council, with the support of its partner, Switzerland Global Enterprise (SGE), which is a Trade Development Authority of Switzerland, took up the initiative and has successfully linked many Swiss and Pakistani Small and Medium Enterprises through investments in joint ventures, technology transfer and business representation.
    Encouraged with this positive development in 2016, SBC and SGE have marked 2017 as the year to establish Swiss companies’ footprint in Pakistan and vice versa. For this reason, besides other initiatives, SBC together with SGE and other Business Chambers of Switzerland is organising in early July 2017 a number of events in Switzerland “to invite Swiss Companies to Pakistan.”
    Swiss Ambassador to Pakistan Marc P George feels this is good time to start discussing the project and how Europe can benefit from it.
    Speaking at the function held at Swiss Embassy, he said “Pakistan has reached consensus on social stability, economic development and livelihood improvement. The economic reforms have started to take effect and its advantages are filtering down to the middle class and the young and talented workforce aspiring for a better life. The youth of this country is an asset which needs to be capitalised by creating more jobs after providing them education and adequate trainings. The macro economy has turned for better in Pakistan in recent years,” he states. He also says that the inflation level has been low, foreign reserves have been growing and the expectation of the exchange rate has been stable.
    “Generally speaking, the security situation in the country has improved, the economic growth has been picking up, boosting the market demand in the consumer industry, service industry, transportation and energy and other infrastructure sector. While growing, environment protection is a major challenge for this country. The development projects will have to take into consideration the environmental constraints for a better future of this country. Over-all the macroeconomic environment of Pakistan has significantly improved and offers foreign investors a variety of investments and business opportunities to contribute to the development of Pakistan and the region,” he adds.
    CPEC has opened the doors to foreign investment in Pakistan, which will improve the local economy and peoples’ livelihood, said a recent report in Global Times online read. In the beginning of 2017, in Davos, Pakistani and Swiss leadership also met to explore the potential of their bilateral ties in term of new avenues of cooperation for mutual benefits. Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif met with President of the Swiss Confederation Doris Leuthard on the sidelines of the 47th Annual Meeting of the World Economic Forum (WEF). Currently, there are 14 Swiss companies trading in Pakistan in different sectors.

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  • ‘Swiss companies interested in CPEC’
    Apr 28, 2017

    KARACHI: The Swiss government wants to help Swiss companies interested in exploring the opportunities offered by the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) that will help improve bilateral trade and business, said Swiss Consul General in Karachi Philippe Crevoisier at a press conference held here on Thursday.

    The press conference was followed by presentations on CPEC organised by the consulate general of Switzerland and the Swiss Business Council of Pakistan (SBCP) as part of efforts to discuss opportunities for foreign investors in the ambitious project.

    Sharing his views, Mr Crevoisier said a similar meeting had been held in Islamabad recently to establish networks, exchange ideas and information over the opportunities available in Pakistan for investment through CPEC.

    “Many foreign investors initially considered that CPEC is mainly a China-Pakistan venture. However, as the project has advanced, many business opportunities are coming up for other countries to be part of the corridor,” he said.

    President of the SBCP Farhat Ali said CPEC would provide excellent opportunities to businesses.

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