Financial Highlights


Switzerland is among the leading foreign investors in Pakistan with a remarkable number of Swiss multinationals successfully operating here.

It has always been among the top ten foreign investors in Pakistan. During the fiscal year 2009, Switzerland with a foreign direct investment (FDI) of 227.3 Million USD gained 5th position among the leading investors in Pakistan, with USA leading 1st position followed by Mauritius, Singapore and UK.

In last three consecutive years, three new Swiss companies have been incorporated in Pakistan. Currently, the following companies are operating in the country; ABB, Clariant, Credit Suisse, Fracht, Gate Gourmet, Habib Bank AG Zürich, Nestlé, Nexus Telecom, Novartis, Parazelsus, Polygal Habib Gums NV, Roche, SGS, SICPA Inks, Swiss International Airlines and Syngenta etc.

Swiss companies operating in Pakistan provide direct employment to about 8,000 persons and a multiple number of third party contract workers.

In the month of April 2009, a survey was conducted among 15 Swiss multinational companies to get an outlook about their business and investment activities and their views on the general economic situation in the country as well as particular challenges in doing business in Pakistan.

The survey revealed that 60% expect growth in business volume during the year 2009 however they will keep their manpower static. 54% are doing marginal investment during 2009 while 33% have planed substantial investments for the next three years (2010-2012).

It was learnt that major challenges faced by businesses in Pakistan are law and order, power deficiency, corruption, political uncertainty, deferment of investment policies, cost of operations and bureaucracy among others.

Regarding the economic outlook of the country, companies are of the view that despite the economic slowdown at global and domestic level, Pakistan has great potential. The economic outlook is stagnant at the moment but upward trends are expected in the mid to long term.

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