At the outset, CPEC can be perceived to be 'China - Pakistan centric' but the vision and the overall concept rolled out by both countries exhibits that the goal is globalization and opening-up Central and South East Asia with better connectivity & access to one of the world's largest growing markets.The Silk Road Economic Belt and the 21st Century Maritime Silk Road focus on connectivity and cooperation extending from China and the rest of Eurasia. The coverage area of this initiative is Asia and Europe encompassing 60 countries inclusive of Oceania and East Africa. The anticipated cumulative investment is a staggering US$ 4-8 Trillion. Under this vision of globalization, CPEC is the back bone of connectivity and economic development where Pakistan is well positioned and part of this ambitious plan of economic and social globalization. The fast changing political, social & economic dynamics in the region has encouraged countries from Central Asian states, Eurasia and Europe to express their interest in the economic development in the region.

(L-R) K.M. Iqbal, Treasurer - Ahmed N. Chaudhary, Company Secretart - Farhat Ali, President - Ambassador Marc P. George, Patron-in-Chief - Philippe Crevoisier, Counsil General & Patron - Asif Ikram, Director - Shahab Rizvi, Vice President
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